Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Guess who stayed up until 12:30?!? I think he wanted to ring in the New Year with Mommy. I put him in his pack-n-play at 8:00, but went up at about 9:00 to find him sleeping sitting up. Too cute. When I walked in, he woke up and there was no going back. He was in a great mood all night: laughing, smiling, dancing when there was music on the TV. He conked out in the car about 2 blocks from my friends' house.

Watching the festivities with Aunt Noreen:

Happy New Year!!!!

On a more serious note, 2007 was an amazing year. I can't believe that it is almost a whole year since Andrew was born and I got that wonderful phone call. I have met the most fantastic group of women through this adoption process and knowing them has been second only to adopting Andrew. They have, and continue to make this journey an easier one by just being available for information and support. Thank you, Summer Sisters!!


  1. What a little party animal:) Andrew is just such a cute boy!!!!! He melts my heart. Happy New Year to the both of you:)

  2. Happy New Year Ruthanne and Andrew!! Andrew is a little partier LOL I agree about the Summer sisters group- It has been a blessing!!!!!