Sunday, July 6, 2014

Buckingham Fountain

The boys were exhausted from two nights of fireworks and staying up way too late. They were crabby but would not rest. After quite a bit of fighting and bickering, I decided that the best thing was to go do something fun and give them something else to focus on.  After picking up Andrew's new glasses and picking out some for myself, we headed downtown to see Buckingham Fountain.  They were setting up for Taste of Chicago so our usual parking spots were not available. We ended up parking near Millenium Park which gave us a chance to see that too. Bonus! (and by 'bonus' I mean, holy cow, the parking is expensive. We are going to get our money's worth.)

These sculptures, which are HUGE, were a little creepy at first. But then, when I realized what the artist had done, I was fascinated by them. The boys were dragging me away from them, begging to go see something else.

Apparently, these dudes were better than the giant heads. You know why, right? Because *giggle* they're *giggle, giggle* not *giiiigggggle* wearing clothes!

Next, we headed over to the Bean (Cloud Gate) with a few million other people to look at ourselves in the world's largest mirror. yikes.

Do you see us?

After a non-quick trip to the bathroom (WHY do they take so long in the bathroom??? What is the attraction??), we walked through the garden on our way to Grant Park.
We saw a few butterflies, some beautiful birds and one of my favorite summer flowers---purple cone flowers. 

There's really only one thing to do when you see three chairs sitting in the middle of the field at Grant Park.

The fountain!

While the boys were posing for a picture and actually smiling and being cooperative, a little boy jumped out of his stroller, ran over and wrapped his arms around Wilson. It was hilarious. Daniel could not stop laughing. The little boy's dad grabbed his phone for a picture. We were all laughing because the boy would not let go. Hilarious.

Ice cream by the fountain. Summer on a cone.

Wilson has been telling me that he wants to see a real bunny. We saw about four of them on our walk back to the car. 

No, I am not brave enough to take my children into the Art Museum yet....but I am all about a photo op outside of the museum. 

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