Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Firsts

Tonight, Wilson Manno went trick-or-treating for the first time. I try to keep things simple during Halloween because the boys can become over-whelmed, over-loaded and over-sugared pretty quickly. We spent the afternoon at the boys' school watching them march in the Halloween parade and then came home to drop off backpacks and goody bags so they could go out trick-or-treating. It rained all day here but the boys didn't mind. They love any chance to stomp in a few puddles. Add candy to that and they were in heaven!

My little Zookeeper. Since the time that he knew that he could 'be' something when he grew up, he has wanted to be a zookeeper. He loved putting his costume together this year.

 Cutest Cowboy ever.

In Haiti, Wilson Manno wanted the drs. and some of the staff at the care center to call him Dr. Manno. His costume was an easy choice. 

Ready to roll!

Wilson Manno's very first trick-or-treat experience:

He's a pro!

Andrew ran out to give the mailman a piece of candy. 

Eating candy, counting candy and waiting for more candy. Happy Halloween!

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