Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zipline Park

We got to meet up with some out of town friends today. Daniel and Erkinesh lived at the same care center for a while and are from the same area of Ethiopia. Besides really liking Sharon, I have a little soft spot for Erkinesh and Sharon is kind enough to let me spend a few minutes with her when they are in town. (I try very hard to keep my distance and not scare her. It takes a lot of willpower, though.)

We went to a park that has a little bit of everything for each age group.  My boys are finally old enough to ride the zipline and still like the sandbox and regular playground. 

On the pirate ship (merry-go-round)

Of course, he has food in his hands.

Seth was hanging with us for part of the weekend. We love him.

Andrew and Erkinesh--a race to the top. (I'm pretty sure Erkinesh was already on her way back down.)

Ezra asked me to take a picture of him at the top. He was a fast climber!

Andrew kept climbing up and down the rock to bring Asrat more carrots. 

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