Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Open House

The boys had open house tonight at school. Andrew had a plan and a map in his head of everywhere we were going to go. Each classroom had a mini scavenger hunt for the kids to complete with their parents so they would be sure to see everything in the room. Evening activities are still hard for us but this one went well. 

Andrew was super excited to show us the chicks in his classroom. They hatched from eggs and the kids got to watch the first one hatch. He comes home every day with stories about them.

One of the garden bulletin boards made by kindergarten. Andrew's butterfly is at the top of the screen above his head.

A close-up of his butterfly.

Daniel was very shy when we visited his class. He pointed to everything quickly and would not let me take his picture inside of the room. He did agree to some pictures in the hallway while he stood next to his art projects.

Posing with his gorgeous butterfly. (above his head)

Daniel made the horse to the right. The head is made from a tracing of his foot. So cute.

Hanging out in the kindergarten butterfly garden.

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