Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Manno bel

One of Manno's favorite things to do at the care center is to wear new clothes. He proudly tells people 'Manno bel' which means: Manno is beautiful. 
The amazing staff at the care center keep us updated with tons of pictures. These are a few of the newest ones that I have gotten. It really doesn't matter what he is wearing; Manno is bel!

Manno's good friend 'M'  left the care center in December.  His parents brought this hat for M to wear home. Instead, he gave it to Manno. 

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of him. And he's already sporting THE Ohio State colors. 


  1. His eyes, nose, smile remind me of Daniel in some of these pics. And he has THE BEST HEAD. Seriously, the most amazingly perfect head I've ever seen. Manno IS bel! for sure.