Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daniel Day. Three years.

Today is Daniel's Family Day--three years since he has been a part of our family.  Andrew was commenting the other day on how much he misses Daniel's cute little baby face. I feel the same way. Thankfully, he still has those crazy adorable toes.

While we miss his cute little baby face, we are blessed to be able to see his ridiculously handsome big-boy face every single day.

We celebrated last Saturday since his day falls on a weekday this year and we are kind of busy on those days. Daniel chose pancakes and ice skating as his family activities. We ran out for a quick breakfast and then headed out to the ice skating rink for their family skate time. Since this is a positive post about how much I love my little habesha and how happy I am that he is part of our family I won't bore you with the details about the tantruming that happened at our house right before we left the house which made us late for breakfast and then the sloooow eating that occurred at breakfast which made us late for ice skating. What I WILL tell you is that the boys had a great time cleaning the ice with the seat of their pants and begged to go back the minute their skates were off. 

I SWEAR that I tried to get a picture of the three of us together that day but two of the three people in the picture were uncooperative so there is no picture.
What I DO have is this fabulous video of their first time on the ice. Enjoy. :)

Ice Skating from Ruthanne Focht on Vimeo.
Andrew and Daniel's first time ice skating.


  1. Three years?!? Wow, how time does fly! They are both beautiful. Can't wait to see Mr. M in the mix :)

  2. Made Gramma giggle!! So cute. Daniel, we are so happy that you are part of our family. Love, Gramma and Grandad