Monday, July 16, 2012

Waiting for the tooth fairy

Andrew hurt himself while we were on vacation and when I looked into his mouth to see if he was ok, I saw that he had a new tooth coming in! It was a bottom tooth and it was almost all the way in. I checked his baby teeth and two of them were loose!
Today, he lost the first one! And when I say 'lost', I mean I got tired of waiting and pulled it out. 
While we were out running errands today, I told him that the new tooth was waiting for the parking spot and the old tooth needed to leave. I suggested that he let Daniel pull it out. While I was driving home, I heard him in the backseat talking to his tooth, "When we get home, I'm going to brush you and then Daniel is going to pull you out." ha! 
He was a good sport and as soon as he had brushed his teeth, he let Daniel try to pull it out.

Daniel didn't understand that he needed to grab it and pull up so he just kept pushing it forward and making it bleed. He was relieved of his duties.

A new tactic.

This was when I took matters into my own hands, so to speak.

It's gross and beautiful--all at the same time.

The boys have been sleeping together in Daniel's bed since we got home from vacation (why am I buying a third bed?) but tonight Andrew told me that he is going to sleep in his own bed so the Tooth Fairy won't wake up Daniel. I'm pretty sure that's his way of making sure that Daniel doesn't get his money. 
Andrew said he hopes that the Tooth Fairy brings him a tiny treasure box with a magical white gem inside of it. Instead, he's getting 4 quarters from the bottom of her purse. The Tooth Fairy is not always as prepared as she should be.


  1. The pics of Daniel looking in Andrew's mouth are too cute. How fast they grow up... (My seven year old doesn't even have any loose teeth!)

  2. I love these pictures-and Andrew's new smile!

  3. Love it! Your pictures are awesome. Hmmm, were you near my neck of the woods again?!

  4. I'm sorry, he simply cannot be old enough to be losing his teeth already!

    Love the new smile. Now I'm anxious to see him without his two upper front teeth. Cute!