Monday, July 23, 2012

Monogram Prints

Waiting during an adoption STINKS! Fortunately, the boys keep me busy. REALLY busy. Worse than the wait, though, is not knowing when it will end and not being able to DO anything to make the wait shorter. It feels better when I can do something during this process--something that makes it seem as if I am helping to get Manno home sooner. I know it's an illusion but it's my illusion. Don't ruin it for me, ok? 
So, in an attempt to pretend that I am making this process move faster and raising money toward the adoption at the same time, I've created some things to sell.

Each print is custom made to your specifications. Choose the colors, monogram/name, background (stripes or chevrons) and country shape (if you want one).  
You can also go over to facebook and like the Hoarders for Haiti page. When I get to 250 likes, I'll be giving one of these away.

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