Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Early birthday celebration

We had an early birthday celebration with Gramma and Grandad today. Andrew wanted to ride the carousel at the mall and go out for Mexican food. We also snuck in a trip to the movies to see 'Chipwrecked'.  

I love that Daniel is now old enough to go to the movies. It's such a fun thing to do as a family.

We went out to a new restaurant that is owned by a Guatemalan family.

The boys had rice and beans, of course.

After dinner, we went home to open presents. Andrew was so nice and wanted Daniel to help him since he didn't have any presents to open.


My parents give the boys a train car for every birthday. Soon, they will also start to give them some track and the transformer. By the time they have completely destroyed my Christmas train, they will each have one of their own.

Mater legos.

And then for the big present!

A lego table made by Grandad!

Last, but not least, was cake. We had birthday shoo-fly pie, instead. When in Pennsylvania....

You didn't think he was going to let Andrew have all the fun, did you?

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  1. Great pictures! I love when Andrew is about to uncover the table and the one when he sees what it is. Great job Grandad!