Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tonight was the first night of soccer practice for the boys. They have been so excited to wear their new shin guards and suit up in their long socks and soccer shorts.  They acted as if they had been to soccer practice a hundred times before. They listened to the coaches and tried to follow all of their directions. Daniel watched Andrew intently the whole time and tried to do everything exactly the same way that Andrew did it. It was so fun to watch them experience something new together for the first time.

First, they did some warm-up stretches:

They were given some directions and then they ran up and down the field practicing their 'stay inside the white lines' and 'stop when I yell stop' skills.

This one is fuzzy but I love the look of excitement on his face.

Daniel's favorite part was clapping for himself.

If that was a basketball, this would be a great move.

Next, they practiced weaving through the cones:

or in Daniel's case, running-over-as-many-cones-as-you-can-while-never-touching-the-ball-with-your-feet:

Noah and Andrew:

They both got a few pointers from the coaches,

and then they all played a quick scrimmage. (sort of)

They did a little bit of this

and then ran some sprints (forward, backwards, and sideways).

I love soccer!

Everyone huddled up and yelled, "Go Cougars!"


  1. Cannot wait for the first game!

  2. oh-I love that they can do this together! Looks like so much fun. They are getting so big!!!

  3. Cougars rock!! It's going to be a fun season!!

  4. What fun!! I love to watch the little ones play (or stand on the field and chit-chat during the game)!

  5. So stinkin cute, I love the looks on their faces, enjoying every minute. This will be the first year of soccer for my boys too. Fingers are crossed that it will be fun for all.