Friday, July 1, 2011

Magic Shot

I have a policy of no guns in this house. 
Correction:  I used to have that policy until my boys turned every single thing into a gun. It's in their DNA. The Y chromosome contains some nasty stuff:  hairy legs and armpits, truck noises, scratching, burping, wrestling, and guns.
A friend of mine told me the other day that he got some great advice and used it with his son. He bought him a gun. Not a real gun. A water pistol. His son 'shot' everything in the house for about 3 days (relax. there was no water in the gun at the time) and then the obsession slowed down. So I decided to try it. And while I was shopping for a small, plastic water pistol, I came across an item that would not only satisfy their need to shoot and make me 'Mommy of the Year', but would also give me something really fun to do with them (since I'm all out of trio block tower ideas): The Magic Shot. and here's the best part. It was $4.00! ok...$3.98 but then you add the 9.75% sales tax that we pay around here and round down to get $4.00.  
I've been saving it for a 'rainy day'--which we've had a ton of, by the way--and today seemed like the day. I brought it out for Andrew to play with after Daniel had gone down for a nap.  I figured he could play uninterrupted for a few hours before being forced to share.  And guess what? He LOVES it. He played with it for an hour straight and only looked up a few times to say, "Mama. I love you."  
Now maybe we can put the ladders back on the firetrucks where they belong instead of using them to shoot each other.

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  1. Awesome! I was just talking with another mom about this (boys and guns)today at tball. Those boys, their going to grow up and be good protectors! (in the good sense, hopefully not with a real gun!) :)