Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fountains with friends

Today was jam-packed with FUN (and photos, apparently).  Our friends, the Santilli's, are in town and we've been driving into the city every day to hang out with them. 
We got downtown in time for lunch so we went to the Rock n Roll McDonald's near their hotel.

Logan loved the Rock N Roll McDonald's.

Cutie-pie Devon:

After lunch, we drove to Millenium Park to play in the fountains. The kids had a blast!

What's he looking at?


He's not hurt. He's getting undivided attention from the big kids.

Daniel spent a lot of time 'diving' into the water.

And then laying in the water.


These two are becoming such good friends. I love watching their relationship grow.

While the kids dried off a little bit, we walked over to the Bean.

Tired beyond words. 

 When we left Millenium Park, we grabbed some Portillo's and headed to Buckingham Fountain for a picnic dinner. A huge fog had just rolled in and we could barely even see the top of the fountain for a while.



  1. Love all the pictures and the fun you had!g

  2. We were there last weekend as part of our orphanage reunion. Sam had a blast at the "faces" fountain and really overcame some sensory issues with water on his face. It was amazing (and a great way to cool off.) Of course, I didn't get any pictures!