Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Market East

Today, we rode the train into Philly to eat cheesesteaks in the Market East food court. The place is amazing. There is booth after booth of wonderful foods.

The boys loved the train ride.

We ate at a cute little restaurant decorated in red and white.

My mom is the queen of keeping kids occupied. She taught Andrew to fold a napkin into triangles to make a design. He thought it was the best thing ever (til the fries got there).

The market place.

Seafood counter:


We topped off the day with whoopie pies. There was a little stand that had whoopie pies in all different flavors. Andrew and Daniel had the banana-strawberry. Gramma had the bananas foster and I had the most delicious red-velvet whoopie pie.

He's like the wide-mouthed frog: