Friday, December 17, 2010

Smooooth jazz

We had a big package waiting for us when we got home today from my sister, Krista. I let the boys open the presents tonight rather than toting them all the way to Philly with us. I'm so glad I id because they loved them! They both got a package of matchbox cars--a huge favorite right now. Andrew immediately hugged the cars and said, "Thank you, Santa!" Then they opened something even better than matchbox cars...musical instruments! Daniel got a microphone and Andrew got a saxophone. They love both of them and immediately put on a show for me.

You know what he's thinking, right?
'this toy is going to drive Mommy crazy!'

I'm not sure why playing the sax makes your nostrils big, but they looked like this in every picture I took of him.

This one cracks me up. He was so serious about his singing.


  1. Oooooo, all they need now is drums! I'll drop some by later.

  2. you have some cute future musicians on your hands, they are so funny. i would love to hear their songs.