Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 and 1/2

Daniel turned 2 and 1/2 today.
37"...37lbs...and as cute as can be.


  1. Happy half birthday to Daniel!!! You are right he IS as cute as can be. He is doing some good growing! Has he caught up to Andrew now?

  2. Oh I forgot to mention. I LOVE the Christmas edition of your blog!! You are so creative Ruthanne, honestly.

  3. Happy half-birthday big guy! (But you'll always be The Mighty Bowlegged One to me!) The big #3 is just around the corner.... Did you know Eli's b-day is June 24th?

    Loved the Christmas card, btw -- thanks!

  4. hey, when are you going to philly and for how long? i would LOVE to meet up with you and the boys.
    Let me know