Friday, November 12, 2010

Readoption Day!

Daniel had his readoption court date today. It is not completely final yet but it was the most ceremonial part of the process.

Daniel had to be 'served' with a summons before we could go to court. He was not impressed.

My beautiful Ethiopian-American:

A family picture with the judge. Andrew was so proud of himself for posing like this:

And look who else was there with us...Sara and Abel. The boys were thrilled to spend the morning with 'Baby Abel'.

That afternoon, we had a few friends over (mostly Mommy's friends) and enjoyed some yummy Ethiopian food.


  1. Congrats Big Guy! Ruthanne, his hair rocks.

  2. Congratulations!!What a happy day!! His hair looks amazing and I love his lips!! Just want to kiss em:) We have such beautiful boys, don't we?

  3. So happy we were able to share this day with Daniel B!

  4. Congratulations! (a little late!-how'd I miss this post?!) You guys look great together.

    I love that Daniel had to be served a summons. hilarious.