Friday, November 5, 2010


Another first at our house tonight. Andrew had homework. I know that's probably a big deal in every house but I'm a teacher. I was positively giddy at the idea of doing homework with my son. (and yes, I am fully aware that this will not be nearly as exciting when I have no clue how to help him with his jr. high math homework but for now, it's fun!).

He was very concerned with doing a good job. His coloring is amazing and he spent a lot of time making sure he had colored exactly the right number of leaves for each color.

I'm expecting a call from Harvard early Monday morning.

You knew he would have to get in on the action, didn't you?

My little lefties:



  1. Love it! I don't mind the homework....until they just.don' Then it's called major frustration!

    Great work Andrew did! (I have a leftie too :) )

  2. Can Andrew come and teach Caroline how to color in the lines? Caroline says "I know I'm scribble scrabblin' but I don't care!" YIKES!! ;)