Monday, May 31, 2010

So long, molluscum!

Many of you who have never met Daniel in person don't know this but when I picked him up, he had a case of molluscum. Don't google will see some very nasty pictures. He had smallish wart-like growths on his face when I first saw him in Ethiopia. At first, there were a few on his face (including one on his eye that they treated with nail polish) but later he had many more on his face and the back of his head. I have retouched most of the pictures that I have posted here because I didn't think he needed to be reminded of those later on. Recently, they have begun to clear up and when I picked him up from daycare last week, the last one was gone.
(I'll spare you anymore details but let me just tell you that they have been my nemesis. If you ever watched 'Seinfeld' you know the inflection that Jerry always used when he said 'Newman'. I felt the same way about 'molluscum'. I hate them with a passion and will admit that I actually used nail polish on a couple of them that were hidden in his hair.)

Unretouched can see that he had about 5 of them in this picture:

Ta-Da!! Molluscum---free!!! (and SUPER cute!)


  1. SO JEALOUS!!! We've got 'em here and I HATE them!!! I cannot wait until they are LONG GONE!!!

  2. Congrats! I know the feeling - Gavin has 4 of them on his chin. Sheri