Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great Bear Wilderness

Today was the member's preview of the Great Bear Wilderness at our zoo. We got there early, stood in several lines and saw almost nothing. It was insanely crowded and we could barely get up close to anything. We finally ditched the exhibit and went to look at some of the other animals. We'll go back to the bear exhibit on a Monday afternoon when no one else is there.

The partial head of a bear. So worth the 30 minutes in line.

My favorite:

This is Andrew's new smile. Nice, huh?
(notice Shoeless Joe in the front seat)


Love this one:

Daniel refused to get into the pouch. Can't say I really blamed him.

Andrew has no idea that she is too old for him.

Future burgers of America:

It's an awesome exhibit. Look, they even have buffalo grass. Or is it bison grass, now?

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  1. Love the pictures of all the buddies together. What were we thinking to go on the first day in the first hour?