Saturday, May 15, 2010

Autism Walk

Today was the Autism Walk. Our friend Danny has autism and we walked for his team. The walk started in Soldier Field and went north by the lake. It was a great chance to show the boys the inside of the stadium without paying the cost of a ticket.
When we got there, they immediately wanted to go in the jumpy house. Daniel was not scared at all...he got right in there and tried his best to stand up. They jumped for almost 30 minutes.

We have 'lift-off'.

Afterward, they just sat on the grass watching the jumbo-tron and looking dazed and content.

Proof that we were inside the stadium:

Ready to ride.

The Blackhawks are in the play-offs and everyone is showing their team spirit.

After the walk, we went to the zoo and saw Sara and her beautiful new baby, Abel, who used to live at the care center with Daniel. He is SUPER cute but I was so busy trying to keep track of my two that I did not even take any pictures. Shame on me.

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  1. You should research cilantro for autism. It is thought to mobilize mercury from the central nervous system and possibly reverse/cure children with autism.