Tuesday, May 18, 2010

23 months old

How is it even possible that Daniel will be 2...one month from today? It feels like he just came home and it feels like he has always been here. I love him more each day...and judging from the hugs, kisses and hand holding he has been requesting lately, I think he feels the same way.

I love to go back and look at pictures of Andrew when he was the same age Daniel is now. It reminds me of the things that Andrew was doing at this time. It's so funny to see these because Daniel can't fit into most of the clothes that Andrew was wearing at 23 months. They are all way too short on him. He will pass Andrew in height pretty soon, I think.

Daniel wore this shirt when he first came home but now it's way too short.

The jammies were handed down from Logan. They still fit Daniel but they are at his shins.

Love this outfit. I think the hat makes it.

Daniel still wears these jammies but they are 'tight'. (and short). I only make him wear them when I need to do laundry. He usually unsnaps and unzips them in the night.

My beautiful, beautiful boy:


  1. He is SO beautiful! Why must they grow up?! It's not fair!!!

  2. Such a gorgeous (and growing) boy! He melts my heart :)

  3. What cute boys you have! I love seeing the photos of Andrew when he was Daniel's age. So precious!

  4. What beautiful little men you have! What a lucky Mommy you are!

    *You are an amazing photographer - I love the images you capture.