Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trouble with a capital 'B'

I got three updates on Bereket this weekend...I might very well be skinny by May. have your work cut out for you.. Bereket has the run of the place. Unlike everyone else he doesn't have to stay in a room, he goes from place to place whenever he wants! So adorable...and a chunk! He is eating very well. I have a great video of our friend playing with him and his big beautiful smile.

Bereket -- oh Ruthanne. He's bigger than you think. Seriously, the kid's a tank. And he has the run of the place -- he seems to be the only one who has no rules there. Seriously, you can't even imagine the thighs on this boy!

Ruthanne's Bereket - everything you have heard is true =) He sat on my lap while the babies took baths...he is precious! And big...has anyone mentioned that =)

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  1. sounds like he's grown up so much since I was there. No more pushing a chair from place to place to get around, eh?! Not too much longer, friend!!! REALLY excited for you!!!

  2. I have laughed out loud as I have read every one of your updates:) How fun your house is going to be!!

  3. I just giggle every time I picture his little face and you chasing after him. How much fun he is going to be!

  4. Did you mention 'big'? ;) Also, make sure you pack your running shoes as it seems like you are going to NEED them! I can't wait to see pictures of you guys together!! Are you able to post from Ethiopia?

  5. Oh boy! Sounds like a busy boy! Like Bethany... I can't wait to see pics of all of you together! You and your boys... lots of fun in store!