Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here's some irony for you:
Now that I have a camera that can capture Andrew's constant state of motion, he has decided that he WANTS me to take his picture and poses constantly. I can never get a step ahead of this kid.

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  1. Love the monkey pajamas!! Andrew is just so cute. My Andrew went through the "take my picture" stage now he is going through the "get the camera out of my face" stage. I am so glad I have all those older photos. Good luck this week, looking forward to seeing photos of Bereket :-)

  2. the second picture is so clear and focused! keep practicing as you will be using it soon!

  3. Love the pics! And my son would be jealous of those cool PJs! He loves monkeys/gorillas!
    Cant wait to see pics with the boys together at home!
    Jen with Ashenafi