Saturday, December 26, 2009

My brother

My brother, Dan, is a good guy. He's smart and funny and works hard to provide a good home for his family.
While we were in Georgia for Christmas, I went out to my car to get something and couldn't get the trunk open. My car has keyless entry and ignition so we figured that the key fob needed a new battery. He ran me over to CVS and we grabbed a new battery. Nothing happened. Next, we ran over to the Nissan dealership to see if they could reprogram the key for us. I would have to have had my car towed into the dealership and then wait until Monday for them to fix it. (I was planning to leave tomorrow.) On the way home from the dealership, we did some problem solving and decided that it could be the battery in my car. Dan and my dad hooked it up to his truck to give it a jump. The lights came on but that was it. It was completely dead. He and my dad ran out to the auto parts store...a huge sacrifice for both of them ;)....and installed the new battery within minutes. I am so thankful that it died in his driveway and not on the road somewhere. I'm so thankful that my brother and my dad know their way around a car and could fix it for me.
I don't ask my family for help very often, but it is wonderful to know that they are there when I really need them. :)

I took this picture of my brother on Christmas Day...I love it.

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