Saturday, December 5, 2009

Full day

We were busy today! We did a little shopping then had lunch. After that, we met Jill and the kids at our church for Spirit Village. Andrew loved the animals...he even got to touch a GIANT snake which he loved. (today was definitely the closest I've ever stood to a real snake...can't say I enjoyed it.) Jill's kids had a great time getting their faces painted and wearing balloons on their heads. And, of course, the church raised a lot of money for extremely good causes.

Ellie in her panda hat (of course).

Harper as Santa:

Later, we went to the zoo for Holiday Magic. It was cold but not windy or rainy. Andrew loved looking at the animals while he gnawed on a corn dog. Seriously, how does he eat a corn dog for over an hour?

See that little hat in the green train car? That's him. :)

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