Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today was the first day of our advent 'calendar'. I stole a great idea from a magazine last year and put it up this weekend. We have 25 socks and mittens hung on a piece of yarn with clothespins. Each clothespin has a number on it. In the morning, after Andrew's clothes are on (and all facing forward) and his hair has been combed, he gets to check that day's sock/mitten. Today, he found a mini tootsie roll in there and you would have thought it was a million dollars. He was in a great mood all the way to daycare.


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  1. I love it! I am totally going to steal that idea... so cute!

  2. Such a cute idea!!! I may steal it too ;)

  3. Love the blog look.
    Andrew is such a handsome man. Love the sock idea! Very cute!

  4. Your new picture on top is great!
    I love your advent idea-so cute and I'm sure he loves it!
    I don't think I realized that we have court dates so close together...ours is on the 14th. Hoping and praying...and at the same time trying not to get my hopes up...craziness!