Saturday, May 2, 2009


Andrew and I went to the zoo today. We had such a fun time. Andrew totally 'gets' the zoo; in fact he's been talking about it non-stop since yesterday afternoon when I told him about it.
He went to sleep talking about the zhooo and the monkeys and woke up still talking about them.

Mama's little water drop:

My favorite animal:

The zoo has a special dinosaur exhibit right now. They had huge models of dinosaurs in one area plus the huge one in front of the fountain.

They even moved! Check out the videos:


Andrew would not stand in front of the giant ruler but he did stand behind it.

My little Joey:

This was last June with his friend, Kemry.

Watching the zebra.

He has been on the carousel before and he has liked it but today he LOVED it. He smiled and laughed the whole time. (of course, not when Mama got out the camera but I swear he did the rest of the time.)

Andrew has been talking about seeing the monkeys for two days so I got him one on the way out. This one was named Pedro and lives in Central America.

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  1. What fun! We love the zhoo. ;)
    Do you have any places to travel to NJ this summer?

  2. Andrew is getting so big. He is too handsome for words!!
    Looks like a fun zoo!


  3. Andrew we cannot wait to go to the zoo. Maybe we will have to go there and take Ellie's Grandma and Grandpa. Cannot wait to hear you tell me about it.

  4. Love your pictures! I especially loved how you compared last year and this year. What a difference! Andrew, you are such a cutie!!!