Saturday, May 16, 2009

Walk for Autism

This morning, we participated in the Autism Speaks Walk with our friends the Walshes.
I expected it to be fun because we like to walk and the Walshes are fun but there was so much more to it. We were there for about an hour before we even met up with Mary, Chris and the kids. We walked around looking at the sites and checking out some of the fun things to do.

The walk started and ended in Soldier Field (where the Bears play). This is a memorial outside of the field.

The tulips were gorgeous.

This tent cracked me up. I know it has an important purpose as all the noise and commotion of the day can become very overwhelming for a person with autism and/or sensory disorders but I was thinking that I would like to have one of these right outside my classroom for myself. :)

Southpaw, the Chicago White Sox mascot, was there!

One of Andrew's favorite things was the petting zoo. He was a little shy at first but then warmed right up.

This little guy was especially intriguing and Andrew tried very hard to pet him....

with no luck.

Come HERE, ducks!

This sheep cracked me up. He was everywhere! The second I tried to put food in Andrew's hand, he was right there trying to get to it.

We know this little cutie as a calf, cow or even vaca (in spanish). But Andrew calls him, "A MOO!" He loved him.

This guy was my favorite:

Finally....I found something that Andrew cannot climb.

There was a man there blowing GIANT bubbles...

Andrew and Emily were fascinated by him and did not want him to leave.

Isn't she the cutest thing?

Sitting in the seats inside the stadium...probably the closest Andrew will get to being at a Bears game for a very long time.

Opening ceremony down on the field.

Watching on the jumbo-tron.

Having a great time.

A quick gluten-free cookie before the walk.

Andrew demanded that I take his picture with Ethan...and he had to hold his hand.

The view as we walked. Andrew said, 'boat' for every single boat he saw.

Looking back at the planetarium and Shedd Aquarium.

Part of the skyline and Navy Pier.

Headed back to the stadium.

Ethan dancing.

Never lie down if Andrew is nearby...he thinks it's an invitation to play.

Chris was happy to oblige.

Enjoying a much needed hotdog after a long walk.

Thank you to all of you who donated to Autism Speaks as part of this walk. We are very grateful to you.

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  1. Looks like you had a great day! I, too, would absolutely LOVE a Quiet Room! In fact, I covet one, now that I know they exist- LOL Andrew is as adorable as ever. The Gluten Free Cookie followed by a Hot Dog just cracked me up :)