Saturday, May 9, 2009

Andrew and I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful fundraiser today in honor of an amazing woman from our church. She was the head of the Children's Ministry at our church. Last year, she lost a long battle with cancer. She left a legacy of love and respect for children that will continue through the new Discovery Center and the Vickie Lynn Bare Foundation.

There was a golf outing during the day followed by a dinner and games---complete with a bouncy house. Andrew had a great time playing with the other kids and being bounced around in the house.

Andrew liked to just sit on the floor of the bouncy house and let the other kids bounce him around. Fun without the work---my kind of kid.

Jumping with his friends Emily and Pria. (Emily is also from Guatemala)

This is our friend, Danny. We're walking in the autism walk next week in honor of him.

Having dinner on the grass.
Andrew now loves to say 'cheese' for the camera.

Tossing beanbags into the frog's mouth.

There were a couple of kids running around covered in burlap sacks. Andrew thought they were hysterical and chased them all over the place.

Of all the fun things to do there, this was one of Andrew's favorite things:

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