Thursday, April 16, 2009

Elie's birthday

We met Ellie and her family at a pizza place tonight to celebrate her birthday. Andrew had a great time playing with Harper and stuffing his face with pizza and lemonade. He also got to play in the game room. It really doesn't get any better than that on a Thursday night.

The birthday girl...loving all things Chinese. Not sure that mac-n-cheese pizza is Chinese cuisine but it's what she wanted.

Harper was very entertaining. I really should have paid her.

How's about a slice?

His first driving lesson:

The stale candy machine:

The demo for this game (which is all Andrew got to see) had a hot, skinny chick riding through the city on a motorcycle. Andrew pointed to her and said, "Mama!"
That's my boy!!

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  1. Thanks for coming Andrew to Ellie's party. It was so much fun to have you there to celebrate with Ellie. As for the candy machine, I think stale is understating it!

  2. I cannot believe I did not know it was Ellie's birthday yesterday! What a fun party that must've been. Everything a kid loves.