Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rough Night

We had a rough night last night. The neighbor girls upstairs were exceptionally loud (I think they may have been Dancing With the Stars) and woke Andrew up at 9:30---just as I was crawling into bed. I let him cry for a while hoping he would go back to sleep on his own. After a few minutes, it escalated to a scream followed by, 'did-doo' over and over again. I've never heard him say that word before and wasn't sure what it meant so I went in to get him. When I got him out into some light, he was pointing at his nose and saying, 'did-doo'. His nose, mouth and chin were covered in (how do I say this politely?)....snot. He wasn't kidding...he definitely needed a 'did-doo'---apparently his version of 'tissue'.

I put him in bed with me and turned out all the lights..hoping he would take the hint and go back to sleep. He didn't but I did. I kept nodding off. (there was a very good reason that I was headed to bed at 9;30. I was exhausted). At one point, I felt a little tap on my arm and looked over to see him standing next to me. That was a little scary.
He has been very affectionate this past week and kept wanting to hug me and put his arm around my neck. Very sweet...but by now it was 11:00.

He has never let me rub his back--he's too ticklish--but lately he's been letting me. Last night, he not only let me, he demanded it. He laid on his boppy pillow on his stomach and pulled my hand over so I could rub his back. When he'd had enough of that, he yelled, "FEET!" and put his feet where I could reach them so I could rub those for him too.

Finally, at 12:15, he fell asleep. I was sleeping somewhat soundly, having terrible dreams this morning as usual, when all of the sudden I heard a thump. I looked over and Andrew was gone. I jumped up and ran around the bed where he was laying on the floor. The plant stand had fallen over and was not on top of him but was blocking me from getting to him. As I'm scrambling to move the stand and find him in the dark, I heard his cute little voice saying, "Ok...Ok". I picked him up...felt around on his head for any lumps and put him back on his boppy. He grapped Manny and Lovey and was back asleep in 2 seconds. Three minutes later (about the time that my heart started beating again) my alarm went off.

When he got up at around 7:00, I had a chance to actually see him in the light and found out that he has a nice scrape right under his eye. I have no idea what he hit that could have done that. I'm just so happy that he was "Ok" and that whatever he hit on the way down, missed his eye.

Here's my poor little guy with his "guess I won't be getting my picture taken at J.C. Penney this weekend" face.

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  1. Ohhh poor Andrew... and Ruthanne! Those nights of little sleep are brutal. Hope you guys got more restful sleep last night.

  2. Wow, what a night you had! Poor little guy. Hope you can get some better sleep and that his eye heals soon so you can go get those pictures!

  3. What a horrible night! You poor guys! I am glad to hear that Andrew made it "okay" and hope you guys get a great night's sleep.

  4. Poor guy!!! And poor mama!!! One of my dad's favorite stories is the time I fell out of bed. It woke him up and he came running in to find me but I wasn't there. Apparently, I hit the ground and rolled under the bed, still asleep. Seems like the falls are way worse on the parents than the kids most of the time. Hope you both sleep better tonight.

  5. What a rough night -- poor little guy!