Monday, March 23, 2009

Dentists and Doctors and Hospitals...oh my!

Andrew had his first visit to the dentist today. He did a GREAT job. He sat perfectly still while Dr. Jim looked at all his teeth (his top molars are coming in) and then cleaned his teeth. He was the perfect patient. He even swished and spit when he was done. It was so funny.

Checking out the fish.
(I didn't even realize until I saw the fish that Andrew's shirt looks like Nemo.)

Lovey wanted to see the fish too.

Andrew and Manny ready for their check-up.

Hey, I know you. You're my babysitter's dad!

Be careful in there. I bit mommy once when she tried that.

Picking prizes out of the treasure chest:

After the dentist visit, we went to McDonald's because he had been such a good boy.

Barbeque sauce is delicious....even on an apple.

Next we were off to the pediatrician. I'm pretty sure that Andrew has a urinary tract infection. My first clue was when he yelled, "I PEE. OW, OW! I PEE"

Andrew is 34 and 3/4" tall!

And he weighs 28 lbs!

The dr. sent us over to the hospital lab for a urinalysis. That was 3.5 hours of fun waiting for Andrew to pee into a bag. At 5:00 we finally had enough for the test. We go back to the dr. tomorrow for the results.

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  1. Love the photos!! Hope he'll begin to feel better soon!!

  2. Ok, I know I know I say it all the time, but that first picture of him sitting in the chair with Manny, my gosh he looks like such a big boy...Wow!!

  3. Hope Andrew is feeling better. I have done that wait many a times with Ellie. :)