Sunday, March 15, 2009


We went to dinner with some friends last night. We were all single mommies with kids from Guatemala. We met at a Mexican restaurant and of course our kids were the cutest ones there. :)

You have to look good when you go out with friends.

Stuffing his face with rice and beans, as usual.

Rico and Danny enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich (quesadilla) and a hamburger (torta).

Grace ordered chicken soup and when it got there we all cracked up. It had HUGE pieces of chicken (like a whole thigh) and giant chunks of zucchini. She said it was really good though.

Putting the 'fun' in fundido.

Andrew wanted to hang with the 'big' boys (they were 4)

Patrick, Rico and Andrew.
Tres chapins. (three Guatemalan)

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  1. That is just cool to be able to have more Guat friends close that you can meet up with. Just fantastic. Of course Andrew is as cute as pie!!

  2. Everyone is sooo cute! That must have been a very fun outing. Look how grown up Andrew is, hanging with the big boys!