Saturday, February 14, 2009


I love Valentine's Day. Not for all the expensive roses and candy and dinners out but for the chance to tell my friends and family that I love them in a special way.
Andrew and I had a great day together.
Our day started with Andrew's present to me...he slept until 9:30!! It was the best present he could have given me. Now I'm going to demand it every year.

Then we had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal heart-shaped pancakes with blueberry syrup. They were delish.

Heart shaped and heart healthy....YUM!

If you don't believe me about the pancakes...see what Andrew has to say about them:

We spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry. Not fun but definitely necessary. I have found that while cleaning the house, toddler 'help' is not necessarily helpful. But it can be pretty funny. While I vacuumed, Andrew followed me with his little vacuum and copied every single thing I did. It cracked me up.

Our friends Jill and Tate came over for dinner. I made lasagna and I have to was delicious.

These were Andrew's presents. I've looked for a while to find teddy bears that would fit into the jerseys he had when he first came home. I never found bears but I did find these adorable stuffed animals.

This was our first attempt at a picture...poor lion.

SO cute!

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  1. Thanks Ruthanne and Andrew for a fun fun night. Tate had a blast even though he would not look up from his Nintendo for picture.

  2. That video LOL Phaelan watched it about 10 times and then said "nom nummy" which is his way of saying "yummy" LOL We always love Andrew vids!!

  3. So cute. Great idea for the stuffed animals and jerseys!!

  4. I love the last adorable. Hope you had a great weekend.