Sunday, November 2, 2008

A new haircut and a new friend

We went to the mall yesterday so Andrew could get a haircut. While we were there, we HAD to ride the train and check out the Disney store. They had a few of our favorite guys on clearance so we got Manny #3 and a Rocket toy. Andrew LOVES Rocket. He carried him around all day and even took him to bed. Several times in the night, I heard Rocket "talking" over the monitor.

His serious look.

Andrew would ride this train all day if I let him.

Happy to have a new friend.

This is Andrew's "all gone" gesture. I've never gotten it in a picture before.

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  1. He's still as adorable as ever!!!

  2. So cute. I love the new haircut. Ellie will be so excited to see the Rocket. She still loves Little Einsteins -- think it is the music!

  3. Oh my word! He looks adorable with his new haircut.

  4. Loving the new haircut! He looks even more adorable...if that was even possible! :)

  5. Oh too cute haircut!!!! He has the best expressions!!! And love his Handy Many pics!!! So so cute!!!
    Happy Monday!