Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some favorite things

I know I haven't posted a lot of pictures this week. It's been a rough week. I've been sick with a respiratory thing and then on Friday, I got the flu. I do NOT get the flu. But I did. Andrew was so good. I laid in my big, brown chair and he stuck by me playing and coming over to give me kisses once in a while. Thankfully, he never got sick this week. I will try to get more/post more pictures this coming week.
In the meantime, I'll list some of my favorite things about Andrew right now:

He's learning new words--almost one per day. This past two weeks, he has learned:
G'na (Gramma--finally!)
oo-oo (the sound a monkey makes)
pat (as in pat, pat, pat from Little Einsteins)
oh-wa (Dora)
ock-eh (Rocket; also from Little Einsteins---do you see a theme here?)
Aaaa--ck (the sound he makes when he pretends to sneeze) VERY funny.
and his first Spanish word--gato (which means cat).

He's also been very affectionate--some might call it clingy. :) He wants to give hugs and kisses and often initiates them without me having to beg. He almost always wants to be carried when I have my hands full and REALLY need him to walk.

He understands SO much. I'm amazed at how much language he understands and how much he notices around him. He starts saying "choo choo" before I even realize we're near the tracks (we have a lot of train tracks where we live). He notices Diego and Dora everywhere. He understands how his toys work and only has to be shown how to make a new toy work one time before he's off and running (literally). He loves toys that have buttons he can press.

Andrew talks a LOT. Not always in real words but he babbles and tells me things all the time. He has a lot to say about the things happening around him.

Andrew has a great sense of humor. He loves it when other people laugh and he loves doing things that get a laugh. The sillier, the better.

And one of my favorite things about him--he LOVES to wear his pajamas. (me too!)

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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon!
    I have one of those affectionate children too! AKA Miss Static Cling!! LOL!! Enjoy it because the bigger they get the less kisses and hugs they're willing to give up!