Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the best things about Thanksgiving day is staying in your pj's until dinner.

Watching the parades:

The Dora balloon:


Hanging out in the fort Gramma made:

Waking up happy from his nap:

Sharing his binoculars with Great Grandmom:

Keeping us entertained while we wait for the turkey:

Gramma and Grandad bought this Thanksgiving place setting for Andrew:

Let's eat!

Andrew's first time 'praying'.

Andrew is thankful for a good dinner:

and pie!

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  1. OK i love staying in my pjs on thanksgiving! Pjs are the best no matter what your age!!!

    Great pics of Andrew and his holiday fun!

  2. Looks like Andrew celebrated well!!!

  3. Sally and I were just checking out the blog. We LOVE the picture of Andrew praying!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!