Sunday, April 13, 2008


One of Andrew's first words was "uh-oh". He usually says it right after dropping (throwing) his food on the floor. (like the food just accidentally leaped off the tray all by itself) He rarely talks in front of other people so I feel like I need to show you proof that he says real words.
Here he is saying "uh-oh".

by the way...if your child is around Andrew's age and they don't have this train, GET IT! He likes it so much that I got to dry my hair and put on my make-up before he started destroying my room this morning. (Thank you, Pat!!)

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  1. Okay, where'd you get the train??? I must have it!!! I don't know what it is, heritage, maybe age, but Andrew reminds me so much of Phaelan! He is such a cutie!