Friday, April 11, 2008

Andrew's first mom

One year ago today, Andrew's first mom held him for the last time. They were having their DNA tested and she had to have her picture taken holding him. I'm thinking about her so much today hoping that she has gotten my letters and pictures of Andrew. I pray that she has peace about her decision and knows how much he is loved.
Andrew and I have three pictures of her (two of her holding him) but I am not comfortable sharing her picture without his permission. They are in his lifebook and he can choose later whether or not to share them with others.
I hope that in the future, he can meet her and she can see what an amazing little boy he is.

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  1. Andrew is SO lucky to have you as his mom! You are very compassionate and thoughtful to even think of his first mom. I am honored to call you my friend! :)

  2. Andrew is such a little cutey...And sounds like he is in to everything!!!! I know the feeling! What a cool age! I was just showing Eric your blog (love the cool layout!) We were just remembering when we met you and we all had dinner before bringing hom our kids...Man life is GOOD!!!!!
    Thank God for these little blessings! I could never have imagined how awesome this experience would be!
    Chantelle, Eric & Bianca