Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Dark Side

Many of you have commented on how Andrew is always happy and smiling. Not true. You've just only seen pictures of him happy and smiling. :) (He is extremely content and happy but he does have his moments.)
While he was sick, he was pretty pampered. I think he got a little too used to it. Since he's been feeling better, he has thrown some doozy tantrums. I got one on video today. He was mad because his Baby Einstein DVD was over. He obviously doesn't know what Mommy does for a living!


I also threw in some other pictures of a not-so-happy Andrew just so you don't think it's all smiles and giggles over here!


  1. Oh Ruthanne can I relate... Carson's temper is out of hand at times. Wow, the little Guatemalan tempers are wicked.

  2. Stinker pot!!! LOL Wait until he finds out that Mommy does all day! LOL

  3. Too Funny! I guess he will soon realize Mommy doesn't play that game...LOL

  4. Poor Andrew!! Isn't so tough being 1 yrs. old:) Tantrum or not he is still as cute as can be!!!

  5. Yikes, that was quite the head butt to the floor! He still is super cute and tell him his buddy Phaelan understands his stress over the ending of a BE video!!!

  6. So cute. Smiling baby pics are great, but I'm a sucker for the sad faces too.

    We certainly have our share of temper tantrums here...I should get them on video for future use. :)