Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sweet Caroline

Isn't this little girl adorable???

She's waiting to come home from Guatemala. I met her and her wonderful parents on my visit trip in June. Tim and Bethany are waiting to hear if they are out of PGN. They are asking for your prayers. Please pray that they get good news on Monday and that they can bring sweet Caroline home SOON. If you want to see more adorable pictures or you'd like to give Bethany and Tim some encouragement, you can visit them at:
Please pray that the PGN reviewers and Sr. Barrios will let Caroline come home soon to her forever family.


  1. Ruthanne, You've taken my breath away! Your prayers mean so much to us! It's been an amazing roller coaster of a ride and I honestly have to say that I'm ready to get off for a while. God is the only one who knows how much fight that I have left in me. He has promised not to forsake us or leave us. He also promised Caroline to us before even the dirt was in place! Thank you for your prayers and I know that God will hear them and deliver Caroline in His time. THANK YOU!!!!

    Lots of love,
    Tim and Bethany (praying for Caroline to come home soon)

  2. Sending up prayers that they hear good news soon. It's such a difficult process, praying little Miss Caroline is home soon.