Saturday, December 22, 2007


Andrew has had a terrible cough. When I took him to the doctor last week, she said that he needs a nebulizer. I thought it would be a fight to get him to take the treatments. He wasn't very fond of the mask, but loves the mouthpiece.
The best part about the treatments is that they curb his appetite a little bit which means that he has slept through the night TWICE!


  1. What a sweet thing he is! I hope he's better soon.

  2. Awww Ruthanne I really wish he didn't have to do those but he sure makes nebulizer treatments look very cute!

  3. Oh, poor little guy! He does seem to be rolling with it pretty well- what a trooper. It's so hard to see babies sick isn't it? I hope he is feeling better soon and that his full night sleeps continue without the nebulizer ;)

  4. Poor little guy but glad he's slept through the night with it.
    Kerri and Ruby